Distinguish original and fake canon LP-E6NH battery (LP-E6NH Real vs Fake)

The Canon LP-E6NH Lithium-Ion Battery is designed for Canon R5 and Canon R6 cameras. The battery has the same design as the LP-E6 and LP-E6N batteries, but the capacity is increased to 2130mAh, an increase of 14% compared to the old batteries. In addition, the battery also supports charging the camera via USB.

Canon LP-E6NH battery is counterfeited a lot due to its high value, fake goods are sold a lot on ebay, amazon, yahoo auction… misleading buyers. In this article, Nguyen Hoan will share in detail how to distinguish original and fake canon LP-E6NH batteries (LP-E6NH Real vs Fake), so that you can be confident when buying batteries.

1. Distinguish on the box

We need to focus on the stamp, the picture of the battery printed on the box, the red line on the bottom of the box

1, Distinguish based on the stamp on the box

  • The stamp of the genuine battery is red/orange, sharp canon text
  • The stamp of the Fake battery is yellow, the canon text is not sharp

2, Distinguish based on the battery image printed on the box

  • Genuine battery: bright color print, easy to see battery
  • Fake battery: very dark print

3, Distinguished by the red line at the bottom of the box

  • Genuine battery: clear red line
  • Fake battery: the red line is almost purple in color and is deflected downwards

2. Distinguish based on the details on the battery